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MyDeck Marketing

Engage shoppers to increase repeat visits, dwell time and loyalty.


Reach shoppers on their favorite device and collect behavioral, interests and demographic data from digital channels and in-mall systems. Deliver on the promise of omni-channel marketing using our powerful MyDeck Marketing suite.

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Targeted and personalised

Tune your marketing messages to each individual shopper or shopper segments in order to improve response rates. Personalise messages to make shoppers feel appreciated. Retarget shoppers based on past behaviour and re-activate them to visit your mall.


Send targeted messages to shoppers across malls within your portfolio of shopping centers. Enable brands with valuable consumer reach across malls.

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Simplified workflow

Reach consumers on all digital channels (web, mobile app, touch screens, social) from one platform. Curate content provided by tenants using our easy-to-use review workflow. Standardize marketing workflow for all your shopping malls.