Mall-Connect | Omni-channel mall marketing results from 4 continents
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Omni-channel mall marketing results from 4 continents

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08 Jul Omni-channel mall marketing results from 4 continents

We’ve been deploying our omni-channel marketing platform MyDeck to more than 25 malls at 4 continents now, and it’s time to share some exciting results with you.

“Does omni-channel marketing actually work?”

This is a question that many people in the shopping center industry have asked me over the last year. I am happy to say that the answer is ‘yes it does!’.

Learning 1: Omni-channel marketing results in a continuous growth of the customer database.

The average customer database growth of malls using MyDeck was 82% over the last 6 months.

Many shopping centers still rely on events and traditional advertising to drive (new) visitors. We have observed that shopping centers using MyDeck (connected to alldigital channels such as web, app, touch screens, Free Wifi portal, social media & loyalty) have seen a continuous growth of their customer database. As a result, they are now able to engage with shoppers in a targeted, personalised and relevant way.

Learning 2: Shoppers are willing to receive targeted communications from shopping centers.

The average customer opt-in ratio of malls using MyDeck was 84% over the last 6 months.

Malls using MyDeck have been able to reach an average opt-in ratio of 84% over the last 6 months. How have they achieved this?

  • Mall-Connect strategically implemented a registration mechanism in all digital channels such as the mall website, mobile app and loyalty programs.
  • All of the malls are actively requesting opt-ins to receive personalised communications.
  • The benefits of registration were communicated clearly to shoppers, for example: be the first to know about the latest promotions, view the latest cinema preview, create your personal shortlist, pay for parking using the app, collect points for every purchase and so on.


Learning 3: Digital communication is for all age groups

One of the most surprising findings is that digital communication really turns out to be for everyone.

  • 44% of all members is over 45 years old
  • 19% of all members is over 55 years old
  • 6% of all members is over 65 years old

These numbers clearly show that smartphone adoption amongst shopping center visitors is equally high amongst the older generation. this creates a great opportunity for shopping center marketeers to reach a target audience with high spending power.

Learning 4: …and yes, the majority of shoppers is female.


This should come as no surprise: the vast majority of members is female. However, the number of male members is on the rise from 29% last month to 31% this month. Again, this offers a great opportunity for shopping center marketeers to reach a specific target audience – males – in a personal way with relevant offerings.

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