Mall-Connect | Reasons to download a shopping center app? Value and Convenience!
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Reasons to download a shopping center app? Value and Convenience!

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03 Jul Reasons to download a shopping center app? Value and Convenience!

Why would anyone download a shopping center app?

Many shopping centers are struggling with this question. But mobile apps can be a valuable part of any shopping center’s digital strategy.

We’ve developed mobile apps for a broad range of shopping centers all over the world, and we’ve discovered that shopping center apps need to meet these criteria to be attractive for shopper to download (and keep!) them:

  • Shopping center apps need to have a clear value to the shopper
  • Shopping center apps should make the shopping journey more convenient.

Here are some examples on features that make an app valuable or make the shopping journey more convenient.


Any mall wants more footfall, a higher dwell time and higher consumer spend. In the end, this will have a bottom line impact through turnover rent.

The most effective way to add value to an app is to add a loyalty program to it. Using the latest Geo-Fencing and iBeacon technologies, we can now reward people for doing the things that bring money in the till, for example:

  • visiting the mall
  • dwelling in certain areas of the mall
  • making a purchase
  • sharing promotions or other content on social media
  • completing a user profile

For each of these events, points can be awarded to the shopper, and once points are registered within the app a user will keep on using it. It’s important that good privileges or deals are available, so people can redeem their points after some time.


Malls get bigger and bigger, and the shopping journey get more complex with that development. A mall mobile app can help to make the customer journey more convenient. Here are some examples of services we have implemented for some of our clients over the past year:

  • Pay for parking – avoid the queues for the payment terminal on busy hours. Just use your mobile phone to pay for parking and drive straight out of the parking after you have enjoyed shopping.
  • Way finding – as malls get larger, it becomes a hassle to find your way. Using in-app way finding, shoppers can find their way quicker, and this increases the chance that a shopper makes a purchase.
  • Personal promotions – by implementing a network of iBeacons, it is now possible to push targeted deals to shoppers as and when they are inside the mall.

Next to these services, there are more obvious ones like routing information, opening hours, clearly communicating what’s on and more.

In most countries, smart phones are the ‘first device’ and used as such. As a shopping center, you therefore cannot afford not to have a mobile app. But of course, you need to make sure it is valuable for the shopper and that it enhances the shopping journey.

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